It seems like there are fads that come and go, but one that has been around for quite a while now is stock trading. Remember when reddit users broke the internet with GameStop shares? You can do that too! Kind of. 

First let’s answer your question: what are stocks? Stocks are pieces of a company you can buy to have an asset in that business. If the company is doing really well, and if they are popular, their stock prices go up. If the company is doing really badly, their stock prices can plummet. 

How can I make money from buying stocks? That’s a bit of a tricky question. There are quite a few different ways to use stock trading. Let’s stick to the simple answer: buy low sell high. Look for companies that have fairly low priced shares, but that have good potential. There’s no point in buying a cheap company if the value continues to fall. And, by the way, it’s not a good idea to blow all your money on apple stock if you won’t make much more later on. 

So what should you do? You should buy a few stocks in multiple companies… ones you are interested in and think will grow. Then just wait! Wait and watch of course. Keep an eye on your investments and be ready to pull them as soon as they hit your target earnings. 

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