Do you want to sell your old phone? Are there books lying around your house, gathering dust? Then it’s time to sell your stuff and get some quick cash! With covid and everyone working from home, in-person shopping has become much less popular. Online shopping is the future of consumerism.

Now let’s take a look at how to sell something online!

  1. Find your selling platform. offers an affordable and simple service to sellers all over Ireland. We provide a space for you to sell equipment, furniture, and even services! There are many advertising site online, but it’s important that you choose the one that suits your product the most.
  2. Take good photos of your product. Without a well written description and lots of picture, buyers won’t know what they’re buying! Check out how to take proper photos here.
  3. Why not boost your post for a small fee? We all know it can get boring refreshing the page over and over waiting for a click. Invest a little first to make more of a profit later.
  4. Post lots of items, products, and services. The more FREE adverts you create, the more likely someone is to click on your ad. Read more about lotsofstoxx and our price plan.
  5. Check up on your posts! Try making a calendar for posting new ads and updating old ones. It’s always important to see what’s selling and what’s not, so don’t forget to check up on them regularly.

That’s a quick guide of how to sell something online… and make a profit. So start posting and earn that cash!


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