Understand How to Predict Stock Market Direction if a Stock will Go Up or Down. How to use Options Data to Predict Stock Market Direction and Trend.


 The stock market direction and trend is not that difficult if you follow some of the basic rules. Check out the charts on your online share trading website or on e-broking websites. Make note of price and volume changes. Stocks will show selling signals.

  1. If the market is constantly falling, sell off your worst performing stocks first.
  2. If the stock market continues to fall, sell more of your poor performing stocks. Wait for few days and keep an eye on the market.
  3. If situation doesn’t turns around, consider selling all your stocks.
  4. If any of your stocks fall below 10% of your buy price, sell it immediately.
  5. If you have done good Fundamental Analysis of a Company and the stock, you can stick to it and wait for the market to recover.