How to choose the right couch for your living room

Getting a couch is pretty much a universal experience, that’s why it’s important to choose the right couch for your living room, A couch can last you for years to come if you make the right investment. And it is often a multi-purpose piece of furniture unlike a table or wardrobe so it’s good to consider all possible types and prices before venturing into your local furniture store.

Things like shape, size, colour scheme, depth and price range are some of the key factors in buying a couch. The type of couch you buy will determine how you intend to utilise it to your needs,. For example: a pull-out couch is ideal for overnight guests or if you have a large family with little space for extra beds. A two-seater couch could work for couples in an apartment and a sectional couch is a great choice for seating large groups of friends to create a social atmosphere.

What things should be considered when choosing a couch for your living room?

Choosing a couch is a big commitment that will need consideration, when you factor in the expense, and they need to last for a long time. As well as that they’re big pieces that take up a lot of space in a room and often anchor a decorating project. Below, will be a list of some of the important reminders in purchasing a couch that you may not immediately think of and need to keep in mind:

  1. Size: Thinking about the dimensions of the couch you’re planning on buying is one of the most crucial parts of the process, especially if you live in a very cramped apartment or a large country estate: the couch could shrink and appear underwhelming or completely take over the room depending on its size.
  2. Style and effect The style of your couch and its overall effect in the room are part of the post-buying process, but it can be challenging to find something that suits your taste and works in your space. There is plenty of vintage or second-hand furniture that is cheaper, and shops/websites have a wide array of brightly coloured, patterned and neutral couches in a variety of styles so you can pick something to fit your style while staying on budget.
  3. Comfort: The comfort of your couch is another hugely essential thing you must spend time researching and testing before purchase. Consider the measurements and depth of the couch, which will determine your own comfortability for many years no matter what purpose it serves.
  4. Colour scheme: When you’re thinking about colour and decoration it has been said that: “While solid colours are easier to decorate with, patterned sofas don’t show wear as quickly,”Spend time researching colours that work best with your interior, and you will find couches that are both durable and eye-catching.

Common mistakes you can make when choosing a couch for your living room

Often, a couch is one of the first pieces of furniture we tend to pick for our homes first, to create the illusion of space and to show off our interior design taste no matter how big the room is. These things can be overlooked but usually are essential before you purchase your couch:

Not going to a reliable seller.

If you visit a well-known furniture store such as Harvey Norman or IKEA –  it’s almost guaranteed you will meet a trusted member of staff to guide you in the right direction. However, going to a smaller shop or purchasing a couch online can have its consequences and it’s important you really look around and read reviews before deciding on a couch.

Not thinking about potential pet damage.

As much as we might love and adore our pets, they tend to chew, scratch, roll or relieve themselves on an expensive family couch. Consider removeable, washable covers that will give the couch for your living room more life and avoid the risk of spoiling your aesthetic.

Leaving measurements out of the process.

If you go ahead and find a couch for your living room that fits all the requirements, it will be pointless if you bring the couch home and discover it doesn’t fit or is far too small.

Forgetting to ask about safety requirements

Before choosing the couch, make sure it meets all the relevant fire and safety standards, so there is no risk of accidental ignition with candles, remote controls or other electrical devices.

Choosing a couch for your living room should be a fun experience!

In the end, it’s all about finding a couch that will give you years of comfort and suit your room wherever you live. A couch is a staple with so many uses, that can match your interior and show who you are as a creative individual as well as provide cosy, happy memories for you and those you care about. Want to find the right couch? Check out the latest used couches available.