A Rolex watch is amongst the most universally recognised status symbols. Depending on your personality, this may be something you love, or something you dislike about it. But before you decide, let’s think a bit more about what we mean by the word ‘status.’

It’s important to realise that for most people, status isn’t simply about flashing the cash. Status is ultimately something that you experience internally, and depending on your personality, you may gain a sense of status simply by owning a Rolex – regardless of whether anyone else notices. And the fact is that depending on the circles you move in, some people will not even notice the watch beneath your shirt cuff. This is all the better for those people who aren’t fussed about their watch being noticed.

On the other hand, many of us are more than happy for someone to admire our watch – especially if it’s one we’ve carefully chosen to match our appearance or personality, or to reflect our achievements. Watches such as the Rolex Day-Date, aka the ‘President’ watch, provide the clearest example. Especially when worn in 24ct yellow gold, the Day-Date is an unmistakable symbol of wealth and power, and is likely to turn heads.

Whether you want people to register your watch as a status symbol or not, one thing is certain. For almost all Rolex owners, just having the watch on your wrist will provide you with a certain satisfaction that no one else can see. It’s a reminder to yourself, more than anything, about whatever your Rolex represents to you.


Make no mistake – Rolex watches are fundamentally amongst the highest quality watches in the world. From their earliest days, Rolex has always been committed to excellence. In 1914, Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex said: ‘We want to be the first in the field and Rolex should be seen as the one and only – the best.’ It was a huge ambition but by most measures, many would agree that this is what Rolex has achieved.

Rolex has consistently been recognised for technological advancements that have been revered throughout the luxury watch community. Since its creation in 1931, Rolex’s famous Oyster Perpetual movement has been recognised as one of the finest automatic winding mechanisms. Rolex has consistently pushed the boundaries of magnetic resistance with the Milgauss collection. And Rolex has created a phenomenally tough diving watch in the Sea-Dweller, which was developed with the US Navy. In short, no one would disagree that Rolex stands up to the hype when it comes to technical performance.

Recent years have seen continued, incremental improvements on Rolex’s technology and materials. Lately, this has included the development of the patented ceramic ‘Cerachrom’ material used on their bezels, which provides an incredible appearance, offering superior UV resistance and an almost completely scratch-proof surface. Rolex’s patented 904L steel alloy which is used on all steel models offers a stunning finish on all their steel sports watches.

With watches that are designed to meet the demands of professionals working in some of the most extreme conditions on earth, the Rolex name guarantees a standard of design and functionality that will amply meet your needs.