Land located in a surrounding area with housing construction in the vast majority of houses.Dormitory neighborhood, essentially with dwellings whose residents mostly work outside the area.The surrounding area has parks, schools, commerce and public transport, and allows easy access to the main arteries of Lisbon.It is 5km from a commercial area such as pharmacies, cafes, workshops and small commercial stores.The largest areas around the land are: Prio gas station, next to the arroja area, you can find supermarkets such as Lidl, Aldi Mini-Prices and Continente.It is an area undergoing strong urban conversion and numerous urbanization plans for the surrounding area are being studied. Growing green structure continues to be developed.(With water hole and preparation for installation of Light, confirm)     AREAS IN m²    Total Area: 331,800 m²   Deployment Area: 109.600 m²   Gross Construction Area: 328.8000 m²   Dependent Gross Area: 109.6000 m²